Hi, I’m Amber and this is my journey to embracing the second half of my life – the years after 40.

Besides the aches and pains that are seemingly par for the aging course, this half of my life is starting with me taking back control of my health. This includes losing weight (I have a LOT to lose), practicing lots of self-care, and working regular exercise into my lifestyle.

Another focus for me is my mental health. Depression and anxiety are familiar issues that I’m finally learning to manage in a healthy way. This includes surrounding myself with things that make me happy and going out of my comfort zone enough to try new things.

During the day-to-day, I own a small cleaning business and when I’m not working and scheduling, I’m being bombarded with puppy and kitty kisses. I have seven, yes seven, dogs and three cats. I also have four feral cats outside that I care for in exchange for them keeping the rodent population from overtaking my home. Oh, the joys of rural living.

Born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, I am literally surrounded by fields, trees, and water. The best part of living where I do is that the cities are only an hour and some change away. I get to bask in the joys of a quiet country life with the option of livening it up with a trip to Hampton Roads or lower Maryland.