Yes To Product Review

Does your skin crave fruits and veggies but you just aren’t a fan? Maybe you’re just looking for a skin care line that offers more natural ingredients than synthetic. Either way, Yes To offers an answer to your skin care needs. They sent out the products pictured below for review and I’m so happy they did.
yes to products review

I have been using Yes To Cucumbers facial wipes for a while now, but I was happy to give the Blueberries line a try too. With my sensitive skin, I’m always leery about trying new products, especially on my face. The Yes To Blueberries line left my face feeling great without breaking it out. Not to mention they smell amazingly good to boot.

The Cooling Hydrating Mist is perfect for this summer heat. It doesn’t add any yucky film to your skin, just a nice burst of refreshing hydration. It is great for keeping in your bag while you’re out and about and believe me when I say I don’t leave home without it.

yes to products review

In case you couldn’t tell, we were in a hurry to try the Yes To Coconut soap, hence the blurry photo. This is a huge bar of soap, so big we thought about cutting it in half before we used it. The first use didn’t leave a great impression; it barely lathered, didn’t really have a scent and there was no noticeable hydration.

Thankfully, the next time the soap was used it lathered great, smelled delicious, and left the skin feeling soft and smooth. I guess it just needed to ‘wake up’ to be its awesome self.

yes to products review

The Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Melting Cleanser was the shining star from this line. You can use it dry or wet, both giving you a unique experience. When it’s wet it . When it’s dry it . The smell is amazing and it truly makes my skin feel like silk or satin. Another must have for the summer and winter months.

I love the Yes To brand and how they offer a different line for different needs. You can buy Yes To products online and at select retailers.

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