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When is a candle more than just a candle? When it’s hiding mystery jewelry, of course! Jackpot Candles sent out one of their candles for me to experience and when I got to the jewelry part I was excited to see what I ‘won‘.

jackpot candles

Before I show you my sweet surprise let’s talk a little about the candle itself. It’s a large, 16 oz. candle made of all natural, hand poured soy wax. I got the Blueberry Muffin scent and let me tell ya, it definitely made my mouth water!

The candle smells amazing, very much like fresh-baked blueberry muffins. I haven’t timed the burn length, but I have burned it daily for about 20 minutes at a time for about a month and there’s still candle and scent left. This makes sense since the candles have a lifespan of 80 – 100 hours of burning.

Jackpot Candles

Jackpot Candles makes their products in the US using premium soy wax. They use essential oils to infuse the candles and make them smell amazing.

Inside each candle is a piece of jewelry valued between $15 and $5,000. You have a little control over what you get since you can choose between earrings, rings, and necklaces. Each piece of jewelry has a tag attached with a unique code. Input that code on Appraisal Page and see how much your jewelry is worth.

Jackpot Candles

What was Inside the Candle?

My candle had a gorgeous crystal pendant necklace inside and I haven’t taken off since I unwrapped it.

I absolutely love it!

The appraisal value for my necklace was $30, which is more than the $25 candle!

Jackpot Candles

I can see why they call themselves Jackpot Candles, you hit the jackpot with each candle! These make a perfect gift since they are essentially two gifts in one. On one hand you have the amazing candle with the highest quality and on the other hand, you have the gorgeous jewelry.

jackpot candles

You can see more jewelry reveals by following the Instagram #JackpotCandles stream. There are some amazing pieces out there!

You really can’t go wrong with these candles. Jackpot Candles also offers tarts that have jewelry inside. Be sure to hop over to the Jackpot Candles website and check out the scents they offer and pick up one or ten for the holidays!

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