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Why You Should Use Scrigit Scraper Instead of Your Finger Nails

Scrigit Scraper

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How often have you gone to peel off a sticker either from a new piece of furniture, a piece of fruit, or a wall, only to have your fingernail break or realize you don’t have enough fingernail actually to get it off? How about scraping something off of the stove or some other surface. You know, those little pieces of whatever gets hard and yucky and sticks. There’s always something getting stuck to something else, and I think were universally conditioned to use our fingernails.  It can seem extreme to break out the scouring pad to get one little thing off, not to mention how much damage it could do to whatever we’re scraping it off of.

What if I told you there was a way to save your fingernails? And a way to protect the surfaces you’re scraping stuff off of? Scrigit Scraper is a unique and Innovative tool that will do just that. Scrigit Scraper was designed to do the things you usually rely on your fingernails to do. Cleaning small grooves, removing adhesives, scraping up little bits of food or spilled paint, Scrigit Scraper is one of those tools you want to have around just in case.

Scrigit Scraper

Thanks to its pen-like shape and size, Scrigit Scraper fits pretty much anywhere. Keep one in the car and the kitchen and the bathroom and in the bedroom. You can even keep them in your purse for those on the go mishaps. There is a handy clip so you can attach it to your shirt when you’re crafting or doing a DIY project!

Scrigit Scraper has been great for getting the gunk out of the crease in the refrigerator door. I also use it to clean the stovetop. You know those edges where there’s a slight opening? I like to call them crumb magnets because it seems every crumb in the house gets stuck in there. Scrigit Scraper is perfect for getting in there and making it actually look clean instead of just eh.

Scrigit Scraper

If you read the November issue of Real Simple magazine, you may have noticed Scrigit Scraper was named favorite cleaning tool. Redbook magazine also named Scrigit Scraper one of 6 “Must Have” cleaning tools. It’s such a handy tool with a great price. Scrigit Scrapers are sold in 2 packs for $6.99 and 5 packs for $9.99. You can buy Scrigit Scrapers online at www.scrigit-scraper.com, on Amazon.com, and in hardware stores in over 40 States.

You Can Also Win Scrigit Scrapers right here!

Scrigit Scraper

I love Scrigit Scraper so much that I’m going to give one lucky winner their own 2 and 5 packs. To sweeten the pot, Scrigit Scraper is throwing in a $25 Amazon gift card as well! Use the form below to enter and be sure to share this with your friends.


Scrigit Prize Pack


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  1. Oh my gosh this would be amazing for my car. I am always saying that I need something for the crumbs in the little crevices!

  2. It can help me with tough tape spots on boxes or if something is sticky on a table like glue or hot glue. These look super cool and would love a pack. Thanks

  3. Wowza I love this scrigit scraper this will help me remove the gunk from hard to get out corners in the bathroom & my crafts projects this will help with scrapbooking to get under those sticky edges, plus everything in your review love the options of this Genius invention.

  4. I am one of those reuse, recycle and repurpose kinda folks. I can see this getting labels off of cans and bottles. I am always breaking nails or scratching myself up!

  5. This seems like a neat little product that could help out in many ways! Especially with my grandchildren in and out all of the time. Thank you!

  6. With a house full of girls who love stickers…I can see the scrigit scraper helping me get stickers off of the coffee table and dining room table where they work.

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