Think Happy, Be Happy Mirror Craft

The key to happiness is being happy. No, seriously. Sometimes, even when you’re sad, you just have to force yourself to think happy thoughts. That’s what works for me at least. That sentiment is the inspiration behind today’s craft.

Think Happy, Be Happy.

Think Happy, Be Happy Mirror Craft

To remind myself of that even further I decided to put it on a mirror. That way, every time I walk by or glance at myself I’m reminded to be happy. And honestly, that’s what life is about – finding happiness in the every day, even when it seems impossible.

Everything I used in this craft (except the spray paint and sealer) came from the dollar store, so in total it was about $5 to make. I did mess up a bit and put the top letters up too high, so be aware of the frame coverage before you set the stencil.

You’ll Need:

Think Happy, Be Happy Mirror Craft

  • 1 framed mirror
  • spray paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • glue
  • glitter
  • spray sealer
  • ribbon
  • embellishments

Start by painting the frame of the mirror in your choice of color. If the frame comes off, great – you won’t have to worry about getting paint on the mirror. If it doesn’t, tape around the mirror to protect it from the paint.

Think Happy, Be Happy Mirror Craft

Set the frame aside (or wait until it dries if it doesn’t come off).

Paint the top 1/5 of the mirror with the white acrylic paint. Allow to fully dry.

I used a vinyl stencil with the phrase I wanted, but you can use whatever you want or freehand it. Use a clear drying glue to write the letters and immediately coat with glitter. Blow any excess glitter away, allow the glue to dry then spray with the sealer.

Think Happy, Be Happy Mirror Craft

Make a bow using the ribbon and attach any embellishments you want to make it fit your personal style.

Hang the mirror somewhere you’ll be reminded to smile and be happy.


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