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One thing I can always look forward to is that morning cup of coffee. Even if I’m in a hurry and have no time to wait I can always count on NESCAFƉĀ®’s Tasterā€™s ChoiceĀ®.

tasters choice coffee

I had never been a fan of instant coffee and I blame that on my grandmother. She refuses to drink brewed coffee unless there’s no other option and always kept a jar of instant coffee in the pantry. It wasn’t good instant coffee either; it tasted like caramel and stale chips.

tasters choice coffee

Needless to say, I have picked up an aversion to instant coffee over the years, at least until I tried Tasterā€™s ChoiceĀ®. While I was hesitant at first I am always open to a challenge. I opted in for theĀ #TastersChoiceChallengeĀ where I switched up my coffee routine for a week. Instead of my single brewed cup, I switched to Taster’s Choice House Blend.Ā tasters choice coffee

After some trial and error, I found that the secret to making the perfect cup of Taster’s Choice is to have the water super hot. The coffee granules dissolveĀ perfectly when the water is hot and delivers a great Cup ‘o Joe. I’m still trying to make the perfect cup of Iced Coffee and think I almost have that down pat too.

I contribute this great taste to the switch in packaging. NESCAFƉĀ® switched from plastic to glass containers with their 7 oz. containers. This also helps the coffee stay fresh even longer.

tasters choice coffeeAnother great thing from Taster’s Choice is their individual stick packs in various flavors. I got to try the Vanilla variety and O.M.G. yum! This couldn’t be easier, just add the packet to your water and stir in your preferred additives. It’s just the right amount of coffee and an extreme amount of flavor; exactly what I look for in a great cup of coffee.Ā Ā tasters choice coffee

If you find yourself on the road or in a rush and in need of your coffee fix, I encourage you to take the #TastersChoiceChallenge. The many varieties meanĀ you won’t be getting bored anytime soon and the flavor is on par with a brewed cup.

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