• travelling with pets


    Traveling with Pets – What You Need to Know

    With Summer on the Way, Keep These Tips in Mind If You Are Taking Your Pet with You on Vacation Jessica E. Downing, DVM, Valley Cottage Animal Hospital (Rockland County, NY) According to, nearly one-third of dog owners take their pets with them if they are going away for two or more nights. puts […]

  • CBD oil for dogs


    Could Fido Benefit from CBD Oil For Pets?

    This is a #sponsored post. I lean towards natural remedies and cures when possible. I prefer to avoid chemicals and questionable ingredients and, best of all, the side effects. If I’m this way with my body I feel I should be the same with my pets’ bodies. So, unless the vet says otherwise, we find […]

  • Demeter Kitten Fur Perfume 1


    Demeter Kitten Fur Perfume Review

    Demeter, a fragrance brand dedicated to creating familiar, everyday scents, has introduced a new scent to their collection (they sent me a bottle to test out!). Kitten Fur is a fresh and fragrant scent with singular layers. Why Kitten Fur? Demeter has been perfecting the Kitten Fur formula for a while now. 15 years in […]

  • Pet Parcel


    Celebrate Your Pets with Pet Parcel

    As a pet parent, I’m always looking for new ways to spoil my furbabies. They’re a lot like kids when it comes to packages, they can’t wait to see what’s inside. When the March 2017 Pet Parcel subscription box came in we all gathered around to see what kind of pet goodies awaited inside. Phoebe […]

  • male cat spraying


    Put a Stop to Cat Spray & Other Pet Odors

    Having been around cats my entire life the smell of cat spray is obvious. It’s one of the worst smells to have in and around your home and can be a real pain to get rid of. Thankfully it’s not something you’re stuck with and the real problem is stopping your male cat from spraying. […]

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    John Paul Pets Review + Giveaway

    One of the most distinct smells I can think of is that of a stinky dog. You know the smell – D-O-G. Unless you have never had a canine family member I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. They roll around in the dirt (and other ungodly things) and they jump at any chance they […]

  • phoebe cat


    5 Reasons You Should Get a Cat

    I have always been an animal lover. If it’s furry and has 4 legs I melt. Of all the furry creatures I have encountered, cats are by far my weak spot. Yea, when I look into a puppy’s eyes I instantly want to bring it home, but a fuzzy ball of kitten just tugs at […]