• Smart Allergy Mom Toolkit


    An Informed Mom is a Smart Mom

    I am participating in Influence Central’s Ambassador program on behalf of Claritin®. This program is paid for by the Makers of Claritin® and I have received compensation for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own. Sniffling, coughing, and sneezing are expected during cold and flu season, but they’re also common during the spring and […]

  • How to Treat Sunburn at Home


    How to Treat Sunburn at Home

    Anytime you wander outside without sunscreen you risk facing the wrath of the scorching sun. I have avoided prolonged sun exposure for years because of a family history of melanoma and earlier sunburn that left me in tears. When I do go outside I normally slather myself in so much sunscreen my skin never changes […]

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    Turkey Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

    Turkey Bacon Wrapped Asparagus   Save Print Ingredients 10 stalks asparagus 5 slices of turkey bacon Salt pepper, and garlic salt or powder Instructions Preheat oven to 375F. Wash the asparagus really well and discard any dead pieces. Cut each strip of turkey bacon in half. Lightly season the asparagus stalks and wrap the bacon […]