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Have you ever dropped your cell phone and cracked the screen; or worse? I’m one of the clumsiest people I know so I’ve been there a time or two. In fact, I have a chipped screen now and while it’s not the worst damage I have inflicted on a gadget, it could have easily been avoided.

intelliGLASS offers a solution to keeping your phone’s screen intact without impeding performance. intelliGLASS  uses an advanced silicone base layer to adhere to your phone or tablet’s screen with ease. As a bonus, if you need to reposition the layer there won’t be any residue left behind!

There is also an ultra-hardened, specially treated glass layer that is scratch resistant. The outer layer offers protection from smudges and fingerprints, so no matter how much you swipe and press your screen stays crystal clear. This is thanks to the specially formulated oleophobic coating. Just wipe it down and it’s back to being pristinely clean

Now, this may sound like a bulky screen protector, but in fact, it’s super thin. This is the world’s thinnest real glass screen protector. That means your phone won’t be weighed down or feel much different at all. You also retain the bright, crisp colors thanks to the maximum transparency of the glass and won’t lose any touch sensitivity.

With so much awesomeness in such a tiny package, you’re probably thinking “There has to be a catch.”. But there really isn’t. Even installation is effortless. If something does go wrong you’ll be happy to know that intelliGLASS is backed by world-class customer support.

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When you’re ready to safeguard your phone you can buy intelliGLASS and use the code INTELLI20 to save 20% on your order.

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