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  • Miami's New Out Of The Box Destinations Reshaping the Culinary and Nightlife Scene


    A Night in Miami – History, Culture, Celebrities

    There’s a reason people call Miami the Magic City. There’s a draw that pulls people in and makes them want to stay. When you’re there it’s like you’re everywhere; the blend of cultures and traditions is without a doubt magical. If you’re looking for something new and exciting without leaving the country there’s a good […]

  • #myESA


    Extend Your Travels with #myESA

    This post is sponsored by All opinions are 100% my own. Since spring is finally around the corner I get to start planning my favorite thing – travel! I love planning my trips almost as much as I love taking them. I get so caught up in the fun and excitement it’s like a […]

  • male cat spraying


    Put a Stop to Cat Spray & Other Pet Odors

    Having been around cats my entire life the smell of cat spray is obvious. It’s one of the worst smells to have in and around your home and can be a real pain to get rid of. Thankfully it’s not something you’re stuck with and the real problem is stopping your male cat from spraying. […]

  • H20Plus


    Love Your Skin this Winter with H20+ Beauty

      What’s it called when you like the cold more than the hot weather? I’m pretty sure there’s a word for it, and whatever that word is, I am that. My skin, on the other hand, prefers a more midrange temperature. When it gets too hot or too cold it does weird things. What does […]

  • Yes To


    Dare to Say Yes to Healthy Skin

    Sensitive skin is something like a curse. No matter what you try you can’t get rid of it, you just try to live your life around it. Learning what to use and what to avoid, all while you feel like you’re missing out on things. How often do you avoid putting on makeup because you’re […]

  • ,

    Vegetarian Beef & Broccoli

    You don’t have to be a vegetarian to love MorningStar Farms veggie cuisine. You also don’t have to give up good food in order to eat more veggies. This healthy beef & broccoli recipe is a great example

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