Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress Review

If you’ve never avoided going to bed because you dreaded laying on an uncomfortable mattress then you’re one of the luckiest people I’ve never met. Considering we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping why would we waste that not sleeping as well as we could?

Novosbed Sleep

One of the biggest hassles that comes with shopping for a new mattress is, well, shopping for a new mattress. You go into a store, lay on a dozen or more beds, and try to pick one that doesn’t suck. Then you get it home and after a day or so realize you’ve made a mistake. You’re not satisfied but there was no guarantee or return policy. So you’re stuck with a ho-hum mattress and still lacking that awesome night’s sleep you’ve heard so much about.

While you were out doing that you could have sat at your computer browsing mattresses online. Now, I know you might thinking buying a mattress before you ever lay on it seems crazy. And for most situations it is. But when a company guarantees you’ll love your mattress, and even lets you test drive it at home before you commit you really can’t go wrong. That’s what happens when you shop online at Novosbed.

Novosbed Comfort+ Kit

Novosbed offers a 120 night evaluation period where you experience the mattress in your natural habitat. If you find that the mattress isn’t firm enough (or is too firm) they offer Comfort+, a way to fine-tune the firmness of your mattress. Just let them know if you want more or less firmness and they’ll ship you the Comfort+ completely free! It slips right over your mattress, inside of the removable, washable cover.

If you’re still not happy with the Novosbed mattress you can return it within those 120 days for a full refund, no questions and no hassle.

Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress

I have slept on my Novosbed mattress for a couple of months now, first without the Comfort+ then with it. Without Comfort+ I was happy with the mattress, but since I added Comfort+ I am beyond thrilled. I added some firmness and it has done wonders for my back pain. I’m not hurting and stiff when I wake up, and I actually anticipate bedtime. Before sleep was a necessity, now it’s more of a treat.

Novosbed mattresses are shipped in a box. That’s right – it’s a bed in a box. It’s rolled up in vacuum sealed plastic and starts to expand as soon as you remove the plastic. Within a few hours the bed is fully expanded and ready to lay on. It has a lovely cushioned top and like I said before, that top comes off so you can wash it. That alone sets it part from many other mattresses where once they’re soiled you’re out of options. This makes it perfect for people with pets and kids.

Novosbed Vacuum Sealed Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress sizes start at Twin and extend to King with soft, medium, and firm options. The Comfort+ comes in the same sizes with options to greatly or minimally increase or decrease firmness.

Novosbed Key Features

  • 7″ Premium Support Foam
  • 2″ Ultra-Dense Memory Foam
  • 2″ Ultra-Dense Airflow Memory Foam
  • Super-Thin Flame Barrier
  • Ultra-Soft Washable Top Cover
  • Durable Furniture-Grade Upholstery Siding
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US

If you’re sick of your mattress then you should check out Novosbed! You can even save $100 if you shop now. They ship to US & CA residents via FedEx Ground.

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