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Natural Pet Solutions from Only Natural Pet + Giveaway

A lot of thought goes into what products you buy when you have kids. You read labels like you’re reading a legal contract and prefer the natural products over the ones filled with chemicals. Why should it be different when you have pets?


I have always been cautious with the products I buy to clean the house and what foods I buy my fur babies. After an accident with flea powder, I’m extra careful because once you’ve faced the possibility of losing a pet you never want to relive that. Now I lean towards natural products with limited ingredients to make sure my pets are safe.

Only Natural Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Since pet odors are inevitable when you have fur babies I look for natural solutions. Only Natural Pet is a great resource and their Stain & Odor Remover is amazing at replacing the gross pet odors with a pleasant scent. It’s Mandarin Green Tea and smells so fresh and clean. The green tea aroma really shines. The ingredients are a blend of enzymes, biocatalysts, organic surfactants and organic cleaning agents.

Only Natural Pet Pure Rabbit Cat Treats 1.4 oz Bag

from: Only Natural Pet

Another area I lean more towards natural is the food and treats I give my pets. Phoebe has a tendency to help herself to treats like she did with the Only Natural Pet Rabbit Cat Treats. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture because I woke up one morning and the bag was empty! That tells me they must have been good. I wasn’t even sure she would like them because she had never had anything with rabbit, but she sure went to town on them. These are made from high-quality muscle and organ meat and freeze dried for optimal taste and nutrition (single source protein!). The rabbits are raised without added hormones or antibiotics and the treats are made in the USA.

Only Natural Pet Calming Cat Treats

Thankfully getting into the container of Only Natural Pet Calming Cat Chewables proved a bit harder so I got a better feel for them. These are a special treat for both of us and I keep them handy when we have guests who come with pets. They are formulated to reduce stress and calm cats, and that’s what they’ve done for Phoebe. He is the perfect example of a scaredy cat and gets jittery when other animals are around. Instead of going and hiding in another room these helped him relax and be a little social.

Only Natural Pet offers so many products without artificial ingredients or chemicals. They give me peace of mind and help me treat my fur babies without worrying about ill effects or accidental exposure to something bad.

I would love to have you try Only Natural Pet and to help I’m giving one lucky reader a $25 gift card! Use the form below to enter and be sure to visit the Only Natural Pet website for your pet needs (get 30% Off w/ code USAMADE through 3/20/2017).

Only Natural Pet Gift Card


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  1. I have bought quite a few only natural pet products for my pups Nala and Cody. They have dried the Powerfood, EasyRaw and Max meat which is their favorite and super cool because we use it as treats too.

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