Nashville s5e9 – If Tomorrow Never Comes Recap

This post contains spoilers for Nashville Season 5 Episode 9 –  If Tomorrow Never Comes

Nashville Season 5 Episode 9

Last night’s Nashville was the most intensely emotional episode yet. Sure, when Juliette’s plane crashed in last season’s finale there was some intensity. But last night’s episode a. wasn’t a finale and b. was epic.

I spent half of the episode pissed at Maddie for being a brat, yet again. Then I kept thinking, no way is anything going to happen to Rayna, she’s the star of the show.

And there were tears.

Lots and lots of tears.

I think they started when Rayna saw her mother by her bedside. Then Deacon’s face when she told him about it. I could feel the love between Rayna and Deacon as he sat by her in the hospital. That’s not something that I’ve noticed in any other episode. The emotions in If Tomorrow Never Comes are deep and intense, from all of the actors.

Now I feel bad for Maddie, she’s still just a kid really and she’s beating herself up over Rayna’s car accident. She tries so hard to get to the hospital after getting Deacon’s last text and shows some empathy towards her sister. I think Daphne has it the hardest, at least Maddie has her bio-dad, Deacon. Daphne’s father is in prison and now her mom is in the hospital.

And of course Gunnar and Scarlett. Bravo to Scarlett for pushing for her own happiness for once.

Juliette shows Rayna how much she’s changed, and Rayna comments on it. I honestly expected a ‘miracle’ to happen given Juliette’s new found religion, but maybe her change was the miracle.

Nashville Season 5 Episode 9

All of this was emotional. The tears flowed steadily down my face until the last 10 minutes. That’s when the ugly crying started.

The girls didn’t know what to say to their unconscious mom, but they wanted her to know they were there. So, they did what they do so well, they sung. Deacon joined in and soon after Rayna’s eyes started to flutter. She woke up to see her favorite people, beside her in the hospital. And within seconds she flatlined and the wave of emotions that followed was huge. You could feel their hearts break and yours breaks along with them. I couldn’t believe it.

I went to Google, thinking the next episode will be where she is miraculously saved. Instead, I found this headline

Connie Britton Leaving ‘Nashville’: Interview About Rayna’s Death

It’s shocking and I’m nervous and excited to see how everything plays out. I still love the show and the cast so I think it will be beautiful, whatever is to come. I found the trailer for next week’s episode and I’m already emotional thinking about it!

What do you think we should expect for Nashville?

Nashville season 5 episode 9 - If Tomorrow Never Comes - was epic, to say the least. Get a full recap here.


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