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What’s it called when you like the cold more than the hot weather? I’m pretty sure there’s a word for it, and whatever that word is, I am that. My skin, on the other hand, prefers a more midrange temperature. When it gets too hot or too cold it does weird things. What does your skin do in extreme weather? My lips chap and crack and sometimes even bleed. That’s mostly in the winter. My hands look like I have some funky unfound disease, flaky and random cracks. Then the rest of my skin gets an ashy residue and I go through lotions and creams like I’m auditioning to be in a Silence of the Lambs remake.

I don’t want the hose again!

The problem is that just finding the right skin care products isn’t enough. Whether we notice it or not, our bodies are changing as we age and the weather affects us differently. It could be for any number of reasons that it’s more extreme in some and not all. Bottom line is, it can be miserable and really bad on the good juju feelings. Finding the cause is the first step to prevention.

What causes dry skin in the winter?

For most, the guilty culprit is dry air. When the mercury drops so does the humidity and if you’re not running a humidifier the air is even drier. An easy fix is to get a humidifier (or have a system professionally installed) and use it when heat is in use. You’ll also want to add moisturizers (if you’re not already using them) to your daily routine. Pay special attention to your face and hands.

Below are a few products from H20+ Beauty (they were sent to me) that I’m in love with. I’m not just saying that. These are just what my skin (and yours too!) needs for winter protection, and every other season. The Aquadefense Protective Matcha Moisturizer really works to soften the skin and make it actually feel moisturized. As an added bonus the SPF 40 is just perfect under foundation for that super important sun protection. It’s made with Matcha Green Tea and Rice Bran extracts – a combo designed to protect the skin and lock in moisture.

The Shielding Matcha Facial Essence is a must-have for any woman’s carry-all. It has the same Matcha Green Tea and Rice Bran extracts as the moisturizer with a few additions. There is a Pollutant Shield Matrix that creates an armor-like barrier between your skin and the rest of the world. How cool does that sound, really?! It protects against carbons, heavy metals, and airborne chemicals. Oh, and there’s the Epidermal Barrier that helps hydrate the skin. This is the Iron Man of skincare folks!  The entire H20+ Beauty Aquadefense line is like having your own beauty army.

Then there’s the Oasis line. This line’s focus is on hydration and that’s a big deal! I’ve used the Oasis Lip Gels since they arrived and couldn’t love them more. They feel great on my lips and I love the subtle tint most of them have. It’s not full-blown color, so if you’re going for a minimal look they’re perfect. You can add more layers to get more noticeable color too. I can’t imagine leaving home without at least one in my bag. They are designed to hydrate and smooth lips, everything you need for a kissable pucker this winter. These have Sea Grass Extract to help retain moisture, Waterlily Extract to help condition, and Lip Cushion Technology that helps improve your lips’ texture, softness, and hydration.

H20+ Beauty has a lot to offer when it comes to caring for your skin. They use quality ingredients and avoid the bad stuff like parabens,  mineral oils, and phthalates. You can shop on the H20+ Beauty website. Be sure to check out all the lines to find the one(s) that fit your needs.


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