Lava®Lamp Aquarium Review

The 60’s were a time of free love, radical action, and experimentation. So many things carried on after the decade ended and while not everything that peaked during the 60s was great, there were a few gems. One of my personal favorite 60s fads is still a hot commodity today, the Lava® Lamp.

Fun Fact: The Lava® Lamp came about in 1963 when Edward Craven-Walker got inspired by a homemade egg timer.

lava lamp aquarium

I grew up with Lava Lamps in all shapes and colors. There is just something about them that fascinates me no matter what age I am. When Lava® Lamp sent me one of their new products for review I was super excited to set it up and check it out.

lava lamp aquarium prep

I wasn’t aware that Lava® Lamp offered lamps that weren’t filled with the iconic shape-shifting goo but apparently they do. I found this out when I got the Aquarium Lamp. It was super easy to set up since it only needed water and a bit of dish soap.

lava lamp aquarium

It took about 3 minutes to get the Aquarium Lamp set up and running, and another 20 to get everything ‘flowing smoothly’. The fish wanted to stay at the top at first, but eventually they started swimming around freely, just like a real aquarium.

lava lamp aquarium

As an added bonus the Aquarium Lamp sounds a lot like a real aquarium. The video below is sped up, but you’ll get an idea of what to expect from the Aquarium Lava® Lamp.

The low ambient noise is perfect for helping me fall asleep. It’s beautiful to watch in the dark and has a lot less upkeep than a real aquarium. The blue light is perfect for illuminating the neon colors. If you can’t tell, I love my new Aquarium Light :D, there’s seriously no way not to love it. It’s great in every way! There hasn’t been any type of leaking or evaporation and I keep it on for days at a time.

Lava® Aquarium Lamp

I have gotten many compliments on it and even a few people thinking there were real fish inside! What I really appreciate about the Aquarium Light is that it doesn’t get hot like traditional Lava® Lamps. Bumping into the glass of a traditional Lava® Lamp could leave burns while this is fairly cool to the touch even after days of use.

You can buy the Aquarium Light, along with many other wonderful Lava selections from the Lava® Lamp website. They are great for all ages and make perfect gifts for friends and family.


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  1. My kiddo would LOVE this in his room. He is learning “pet care” in school, and he wants a pet so bad. A fake aquarium would totally work!

  2. I love this lamp. I will have to get one for my room. I have always wanted a fish tank but not the work. This is a great compromise.

  3. Very cool! I definitely want one of these. I used to have a lava lamp when I was younger. Yikes – back in the ’70s. A good classic always withstand the test of time! 🙂

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