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Jazz Up Your Decor with Gigamic #BrainGames

I received the games below for editorial inclusion purposes. Opinions are mine.

Whether you own or rent your home one thing remains the same – adding your personal touch is almost a necessity. Between nic-nacs, window treatments, and wall art a house becomes a home once you personalize it. Everyone has different tastes so nearly every home is unique in its own way.


Budget restraints keep many people from having the home of their dreams so we rely on DIY projects to bridge the gap. Something as simple as a board game can be a wonderful focal point if you set it up just right. Gigamic offers unique games with attractive game pieces that can be great alone.

I love how the Quarto game looks sitting on the table. The wood pieces are gorgeous and it makes a good conversation piece.


The games can also be turned into something else if you have a little bit of creativity.


One of my favorite things to do is upcycle items into home decor. I took the Quoridor game from Gigamic and created a Winter Wonderland with the pieces. Since Christmas decorations can be somewhat expensive I thought this would be a great way to get a jumpstart without breaking the bank.

gigamic I used glitter on the base to create a wintery ground effect and then built a fence with the other pieces. I thought the pawn shaped pieces would make great people so I used clay to make little outfits for them.


I used some more clay to make some presents and voila.


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! The games from gigamic are gorgeous on their own, and are perfect for simple yet modern home decor. They have several unique games to choose from ranging in age and player numbers. Go over to Gigamic.com to check them out.

Gigamic #BrainGames Board Game

Many of the puzzle and strategy games have educational benefits while the wooden games also make beautiful (yet functional) decorations as coffee table games, on home bars, in man caves and on desks. Many of the tin games are great for travel and will make fantastic stocking stuffers. They are fun, casual games with short teaching time and are fast to play. Gigamic makes quality games that stand the test of time: Quarto is celebrating the 25th Anniversary while Quoridor is celebrating 20th.


To continue the fun were giving away a Gigamic game, either Quarto or Quoridor, to one lucky winner! Just use the form below to enter.

Gigamic Giveaway


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