Home Edition Gift Guide: Home Edition

If you’re looking for unique holiday gift ideas then you must check out this gift guide. We have a little something for everyone inside. home-edition-gift-guide-home

1. Remington’s iCoffee Opus™ (Perfect gift for: Parents, Hipsters, College Students)

2. Marmont Hill Art Collective – Bipolarity (Perfect gift for: Hipsters, Angsty Teens, Art Lovers)

3. D.L. & Co. Black Dahlia Diffuser (Perfect gift for: Millennials, Parents, Grandparents, Newlyweds)

4. Kalorik High Capacity 8 QT Slow Cooker (Perfect gift for: Parents, College Students, New Home Owners)

5. Ninja® BlendMax DUO™ (Perfect gift for: Cocktail Lovers, Health Nuts, Foodies)

6.  Jackpot Candles (Perfect gift for: Friends, Co-Workers, Employees/Employers, Siblings)

7. Molly Rue Candles (Perfect gift for: Friends, Co-Workers, Employees/Employers, Siblings)

8. Traci Zellers Pink Ribbon Carpet Mat (Perfect gift for: Breast Cancer Survivors & Family, Co-Workers, New Home Owners)

9. ReLeaf Indoor HDTV Antenna (Perfect gift for: Hipsters, Crunchy Friends, College Kids)

10. The Bubblery Handmade Luxury Soaps  (Perfect gift for: Parents, Grandparents, Crunchy Friends, Hipsters)

11. Lava® Lamp Aquarium (Perfect gift for: Kids, Teens, College Students, Millennials)

12. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner (Perfect gift for: Parents, New Home Owners, Newlyweds, College Students)

13. Pocket Hose Top Brass II  (Perfect gift for: Gardening gurus, naturists, hipsters)

14. World Vision, Give a gift, get a gift (Perfect gift for: anyone)

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