Holiday Cleaning Checklist + How Brillo Can Save You Time and Headaches

Do you remember being a kid at the holidays? We didn’t stress over every little thing. We didn’t worry about whether the house was spotless or not, it was more about the presents and seeing friends and family. Now, as adults, it’s hard not to miss those carefree days of yore and wish for Christmas miracles in the form of waking up to a clean house.


If you’re not in the habit of waiting for Christmas miracles then how about some helpful tools to guide you to a clean(er) house for the holidays? I’ve put together a holiday cleaning checklist that I use to make sure my home is up to even the finickiest in-law’s standards.

My inspiration for the checklist comes from the Brillo products I was sent for editorial purposes. I have always been a Brillo fan, especially of the steel wool soap pads. They’re perfect for getting caked on food out of your favorite pots and pans without scratching or ruining them. They also do wonders for cleaning up countertops and anything else that’s hard to get off. Brillo

Brillo sponges are all I use for washing dishes, wiping down tables, and cleaning windows and sills.

Touch a dirty sponge then food? You could get pretty sick. Millions of people struggle with this same problem unless they’re using Brillo’s line of sponges with Estracell technology. Brillo Estracell sponges have a unique cell structure that rinses cleaner and dries out faster, eliminating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungal growth that cellulose sponges create. To keep them fresher longer I rinse them out with diluted bleach at least every other day.

You can find Brillo products in most retailers at incredibly affordable prices!

Click the photo below to download the holiday cleaning checklist and mark it off as you go. I hope it helps to take the stress out of holiday cleaning and who knows, maybe your Christmas miracle will happen (like the monster-in-law finally approving of your marriage, lol).


What is your number one holiday cleaning tip? What do you have the most problems with?

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