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With Christmas just around the corner, I’m scrambling to finish off my list. The thing with last-minute shopping is I don’t have the budget I started off with.

Can you relate?

Every year there seems to always be at least one or two list stragglers. People that have made it nearly impossible to find the perfect gift for. Or, like this year, I meet someone who I really want to get a special present for even if it is T-Minus 2 weeks and counting.

GrouponMy go-to source for last-minute gifts on a budget is Groupon. I know I’m going to find a great deal while finding a great gift. It’s a win-win situation and I have yet to be let down.

This year I’m checking out some of my favorite stores. Shari’s Berries, who has the most amazing chocolate covered strawberries ever. Seriously, if you haven’t had them you must! They have lots of other amazing edible gift options too, and even a few non-edibles.

The 33% Off Full Dozen Dipped Strawberries coupon makes it really hard not to order them.

Personal Creations is another gift shop I’m a fan of. Giving a personalized gift says so much. It says “I know you better than you think.” or “I listen when you talk.”. Both statements that will undoubtedly mean the world to the gift recipient.

The 30% off sale going on right now is super enticing, making me want to pick that perfect personalized gift immediately.

The point here is that even if you’re just meeting someone or have a few stragglers on your holiday shopping list then Groupon can help you out. Saving money during the holidays is possible, so stop stressing and start shopping!

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