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MinecraftIf you have kids, or if you’re a kid at heart, you’ve no doubt heard “Minecraft” once or twice. It has been out for a few years and is still growing in popularity. Minecraft is a building/growing focused game. You place blocks and go on adventures, exploring randomly generated worlds. You can build anything from simple houses to enormous castles.

The different play modes give everyone a chance to enjoy playing. In Creative Mode you have unlimited resources allowing you to build and grow at your pace, without limitation. Survival Mode forces the player to forage for materials and craft weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs. You can play solo or invite/join friends.

MinecraftThere’s a good chance a Minecraft inspired gift or three is scrawled on Christmas Wish Lists from your family and friends. The games are family-friendly and a great way to entertain the kids. Kids and parents alike are bound to fall in love at first block.

Best Buy is a great place to check off names from your holiday shopping lists. They have a great assortment of Minecraft games and collectibles. They even have an Xbox One S console bundle inspired by Minecraft. BTW, you can play on the Xbox or computer!


Best Buy also has a large assortment of Minecraft toys and collectibles that all lovers of the game will enjoy. Be sure to visit the website for ideas!

It took me a while to get a hang of Minecraft, but I’m definitely hooked now. I’m nowhere near as advanced as others (many 1/4 of my age!) but I still have fun. That’s what is so great about Minecraft, it’s fun for all ages. From the creative building ideas to the Squidward looking characters, the game is a blast for anyone who plays.

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