Exuviance Age Less Everyday Review

Getting older is a fact of life but just because you’re aging doesn’t mean your skin has to. Exuviance offers a specially formulated skin care product designed to help your skin age less everyday. They sent me a sample to try for review and now I want to tell you about the experience.

Exuviance Age Less Everyday is a PHA+Bionic complex that provides skin texture and firming benefits. It helps keep skin’s natural collagen by reducing glycation that increases with age. It also helps to smooth lines and wrinkles all while hydrating your skin with a formula great for even the most sensitive skin.


The first thing that stood out was that this product is made specifically for dry and sensitive skin, which I have both. I haven’t seen many age defying creams designed specifically for dry and sensitive skin. It seems like these products are usually made for normal skin, so having something specific is nice.

I have a tendency to break out during that time of the month, and at random, but since using this my skin hasn’t been nearly as bad. It has made a big difference in my complexion in just a short amount of time.

The product is non-greasy unlike many other products for dry skin. It absorbs completely leaving nothing behind but soft skin. You don’t need much of the product at all, which helps save money since it will last longer.

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The formula has a nice consistency – not too thin and not so thick it takes forever to rub in. You feel instant results in terms of hydration and softness. The smell, while not horrible, isn’t the best. It’s hard to describe it but it fades quickly. I like to use this under my makeup to prevent a caked/flakey look.

I’m extremely happy with this and you can buy it from Amazon.com ($34) or directly from the Exuviance website ($45).

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