• PedEgg® Powerball Review

    PedEgg® Powerball Review

    Growing up in the country has many perks. One of my favorites is being able to go barefoot pretty much everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love shoes, but if I don’t have to wear them I’m not going to. The only downside to this is the wear shows on my feet. They’re usually rough […] More

  • iCoffee Opus

    iCoffee Opus™ Review

    The introduction of single cup coffee brewing is one of the best things to ever happen to me. While I have grown dependent on that morning Cup o’ Joe, I don’t have the caffeine tolerance needed to polish off a full pot.  Oh, but I try. I have had many a single cup brewers over the […] More

  • Dial Vision

    Dial Vision Glasses Review

    Did you know that less than half of the human race has 20/20 vision? It’s estimated that 3.6% are farsighted, 33% are nearsighted, and about 36% have some form of astigmatism. That means the majority of the human race would benefit from some type of vision correction whether it’s glasses/contacts or surgery. The problem for many […] More


    Exuviance Age Less Everyday Review

    Getting older is a fact of life but just because you’re aging doesn’t mean your skin has to. Exuviance offers a specially formulated skin care product designed to help your skin age less everyday. They sent me a sample to try for review and now I want to tell you about the experience. Exuviance Age […] More

  • H2O+ Beauty Review

    H2O+ Beauty Review

     Water is one of the most important resources on earth. The health benefits alone are huge and it’s the base for most everything we use. H2O+ Beauty has been experimenting for decades to enhance the hydrating power of pure water. I got to try several of their products when they sent them for review and I […] More

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    Refresh Your PC with a FreshStart

    If you have a computer older than 1 or 2 years I am sure you’ve noticed a difference in performance over time. I was so impressed with my laptop when I got it, and it worked great for several months but lately I have noticed a difference. I’m seeing it crash almost daily and slowing […] More

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    Yes To Product Review

    Does your skin crave fruits and veggies but you just aren’t a fan? Maybe you’re just looking for a skin care line that offers more natural ingredients than synthetic. Either way, Yes To offers an answer to your skin care needs. They sent out the products pictured below for review and I’m so happy they […] More