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    Dare to Say Yes to Healthy Skin

    Sensitive skin is something like a curse. No matter what you try you can’t get rid of it, you just try to live your life around it. Learning what to use and what to avoid, all while you feel like you’re missing out on things. How often do you avoid putting on makeup because you’re […]

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    John Paul Pets Review + Giveaway

    One of the most distinct smells I can think of is that of a stinky dog. You know the smell – D-O-G. Unless you have never had a canine family member I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. They roll around in the dirt (and other ungodly things) and they jump at any chance they […]

  • Thoughtfully Gift Set Popcorn 3

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    Give Thoughtfully & Make the Holidays Personal

    Thoughtful. That’s one of the most often used words in gift giving. It is also one of the hardest things to pull off. In a perfect world, each gift we gave would be thoughtful and personal. It would fit the giftee like a glove and the thoughtful effort would radiate through any wrapping. That’s a […]

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    Safeguard Your Phone with #intelliGLASS

    This is a sponsored post. Have you ever dropped your cell phone and cracked the screen; or worse? I’m one of the clumsiest people I know so I’ve been there a time or two. In fact, I have a chipped screen now and while it’s not the worst damage I have inflicted on a gadget, […]

  • Axe Holiday Gift Packs


    New Axe Holiday Gift Packs

    The first thing that draws me to a guy isn’t his eyes, or hair, or even his smile. For me, the key is the smell. Not the funky, masculine, hard-working man smell. I mean that captivating, make your eyes roll back smell. You know what I mean ladies. There are many overpriced, underperforming products on […]

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    Time is on Your Side with these Aposon Watches

    I received these products for review purposes. Opinions are mine. When someone asks, “What time is it?” do you look at your wrist or your cell phone? If you’re like the majority of people you look at your cell phone. Personally, I miss the days of looking down at a watch to see the time, […]