Treat Your Hair to a Beer with BRÖÖ

If you’ve ever Googled DIY shampoo/conditioner you have probably come across people suggesting using beer to clean your hair. It may sound crazy to some of you, but there are some amazing benefits that come from using beer on your locks. Not only does beer boost your hair’s shine, but it also strengthens it, repairs damage, and boosts the body

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If you’re not ready to dump a bottle of brew on your head you can go the easier route with BRÖÖ Craft Beer shampoos and conditioners. Yes, you read that right – Craft Beer shampoo and conditioners. I got to try the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for myself when I received them for review purposes. I couldn’t wait to wash my hair to see what it did for my locks. 

The first thing I noticed was how thin the shampoo was. I was a bit worried since past experience with runny shampoos has been disappointing. Thankfully that wasn’t a problem as the BRÖÖ shampoo lathered beautifully and rinsed out clean. It also left my hair noticeably softer.

broo craft beer hair products

The conditioner was great and really surprised me. I have super thick hair that tangles every time I move my head. I could feel the conditioner working against the tangles and my fingers ran through without snagging. That is what sold me on BRÖÖ and why I absolutely love them now.

The only thing I can see that could possibly be negative is the leftover beer smell in your hair. You definitely don’t want to get pulled over within the first 10 minutes after using this, you’ll get a breathalizer for sure. But don’t worry, that smell fades and you’re left with a clean, fresh scent sans alcohol. After letting my hair air dry I was thrilled to see it didn’t frizz up like it normally does. In fact, I haven’t had a problem with frizz in the week I have been using these products. 

broo craft beer hair products

Needless to say, I am sold on BRÖÖ and the fact that the products are all natural, with absolutely no chemicals is a huge deal. You can get a look at the complete ingredients list to see how simple they are. Then you can buy BRÖÖ from select retailers both online and offline for under $8.00 each!

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