• JBL Charge 3


    JBL Charge 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

    Music is such a huge part of life, so you want to hear it with the best quality possible. I should not have to tell you how disappointing it is to hear your favorite song playing through lousy speakers. If you are like me, you might get a little annoyed because they are doing the song […]

  • travelling with pets


    Traveling with Pets – What You Need to Know

    With Summer on the Way, Keep These Tips in Mind If You Are Taking Your Pet with You on Vacation Jessica E. Downing, DVM, Valley Cottage Animal Hospital (Rockland County, NY) According to, nearly one-third of dog owners take their pets with them if they are going away for two or more nights. puts […]

  • Blueberry Pie with Strawberry Muffin Top


    Blueberry Pie with Strawberry Muffin Top

    Do you ever get bored with pie? 1 crust, 2 crusts – pie crust is just, well, pie crust. You can doctor it up and put your own spin on it, but alas, it’s still pie crust. But, when you add muffin mix to the top of a pie you get something that goes beyond crust.

  • CBD oil for dogs


    Could Fido Benefit from CBD Oil For Pets?

    This is a #sponsored post. I lean towards natural remedies and cures when possible. I prefer to avoid chemicals and questionable ingredients and, best of all, the side effects. If I’m this way with my body I feel I should be the same with my pets’ bodies. So, unless the vet says otherwise, we find […]

  • Demeter Kitten Fur Perfume 1


    Demeter Kitten Fur Perfume Review

    Demeter, a fragrance brand dedicated to creating familiar, everyday scents, has introduced a new scent to their collection (they sent me a bottle to test out!). Kitten Fur is a fresh and fragrant scent with singular layers. Why Kitten Fur? Demeter has been perfecting the Kitten Fur formula for a while now. 15 years in […]