Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner Review

No matter how thoroughly you think you clean your home I’m sure there are some things you miss, even if it’s just occasionally. For me the most overlooked place is inside the microwave. We use it all the time, but when it comes to cleaning day it’s not the first thing on my mind. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need cleaning, it just means when I get around to cleaning it, it becomes a chore.

A p.i.t.a. chore.


When stuff gets caked up in there it can take some serious elbow grease to chip it lose and make it clean again. That’s why when I had the chance to receive and review the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner I jumped at it.

Picture your mother when she got angry, maybe because she was the only one who cleaned the microwave. That’s what the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner looks like. A scowling woman with hands on her hips and an ‘I dare you to say a word‘ stare.

Simply fill her with vinegar and water, stick her in the microwave, and turn it on to have Angry Mama start steaming away the caked up remnants of meals past. It really is that simple and the results are enough to please any Angry Mama. All you have to do is take a damp sponge or cloth and wipe out the softened debris.


What, you thought she should have to do everything? Typical.

But seriously, Angry Mama takes care of the hard part and as a bonus the vinegar helps disinfect the microwave and get rid of any odors left behind. Like that popcorn that stayed in just a little too long or anything else. Even better, there’s no harsh chemicals needed to get your microwave spick-and-span.

You can buy Angry Mama from the BulbHead website for just $10. She’s reusable so you’ll be saving money as well as time in the long run!

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