6 Things to Know About Amber

amberI’m your typical southern sweetheart…only with a little more sass and a love for cocktail hour.

I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia (DelMarVa / Hampton Roads). You’d miss us on the map and you’ll miss us when you’re gone. It’s a love/hate relationship I have with this little strip of land. No matter where I find myself in the word, I always end up coming home.

I love to travel, it’s one of my top 3 things ever. Stunning architectural designs, bustling neighborhoods, and culinary creations are just a few ways to draw me in.

I’m pretty adventurous in the kitchen. I’m always throwing new things together in hopes of something edible. I usually get lucky, but there are some unspeakable things coming out of the kitchen too.

I adore my fur babies, Butter and Phoebe. They’re fluffy and cuddly and all things good. I love all animals and when I hit the lottery I have a dream of starting an animal sanctuary.

I am a habitual optimist. I’m an “It’s refillable” type, meaning that no matter how bad things seem, there’s always the likelihood things will improve.