2017 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about showing that special someone how much they mean to you. You need to choose Valentine’s Day gifts that show you really know them. I’ve put together some gift ideas according to personality types. Hopefully you find inspiration for finding the perfect gifts this year. Full disclosure: some of the links are affiliate links, where I get a commission when you buy (you still pay the same price or less!)

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Sporty & Adventure Seeking Types

Sporty V-Day Gifts

  • Sports team memorabilia. Think jerseys, autographed cards, ticket stubs, heck even bobble heads!
  • Sexy smelling lotions and body washes. It’s a nice way to say “Hey, you stink!” or even better, “Let me shower with/rub this all over you”. Some of my favorites are Soft Soap, Axe, and of course anything from Victoria’s Secret.
  • New ear buds. Everyone needs music in their life, give them a way to listen in style with these or these.
  • Tickets to a local game. Bonus points for getting on the kiss cam.
  • Fancy laces. They’ll always be reminded of you when they tie their shoes.
  • A coupon for a day of adventure. You can print them out or write them by hand. Bonus points for arranging something amazing like skydiving or rock climbing.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Busy/On-the-Go Types

Valentine’s Day

  • A day, or weekend, at the spa. Everyone needs to be pampered and V-Day is a great time to make it happen. If you’re not local to a spa you can opt for a mani/pedi appointment and massage locally.
  • A coupon book for lovin’. Print them or hand write them, just make them great! Offer massages, foot rubs, bubble baths, etc…
  • A new planner. Busy people lead busy lives, help them stay on task in style with a planner like this or this.
  • A fancy scarf. Cold weather may be leaving us but scarves are forever! For her try a scarf like this, for him try this.
  • A new cell phone. Or a new case for their cell phone, you choose.
  • A maid or babysitter service for a week/month/year. This is a gift that will give back, they’ll appreciate the help for sure.
  • A personalized travel cup. When they don’t have time to drink coffee, or anything, at home give them a personalized travel cup so they’ll be reminded of you when they’re away. Bonus Points for shopping on Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Geek and Nerd Types

2017 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For the Geek and Nerd Types

  • A new video game. There’s always something new or a new gaming system.
  • Passes to Comic Con or something similar. Bonus points for dressing up with them.
  • A limited edition comic book or graphic novel. Just don’t forget the protective cover!
  • A new gaming headset and/or mouse. Bonus points for both!
  • Cutesy fantasy gear. Pillows, posters, backpacks – there’s a chance their favorite characters are on these things.
  • Dinner at a themed restaurant. Bonus points for Murder Mystery or cosplay themes!
  • Their favorite movies on DVD or Blu-ray. Get a few and binge watch them. Think Matrix, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, etc..
  • A day of play. Booster drafts, competition, etc… Take them somewhere where their favorite geeky things are going down.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Artsy Types

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Artsy Types

  • A craft box subscription. Services like Adults & Crafts and Smart Art Box offer everything to create at least one craft a month.
  • A new set of paints, pens, etc… Whatever their preferred artistic medium is, get them some new goodies.
  • A new easel that you decorate. You can get a plain easel like this one and paint it, add glitter, or dress it up. Whatever you do they’ll think of you when they’re using it.
  • A gift card to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or similar places. Because sometimes crafters wanna splurge!
  • A night of wine and painting. These places are popping up everywhere so there’s most likely one near you. Just do a quick search or look in your local newspaper.
  • A day at their favorite museum(s). Brush up on some self-guided tour tips and show off what you’ve learned.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Foodie Types

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Foodie Types

  • A _ of the month membership. Wine, cheese, bacon – if they love it there’s a good chance there’s a subscription box that will ship it out monthly.
  • A dinner at a new restaurant. Somewhere you’ve never been, even if you have to drive for an hour to get there. Bonus points for reservations and pre-ordering something you know they like.
  • Take a cooking class together. Find a local class and sign up, then you can create yumminess together ❤.
  • A hand-curated gift basket full of their favorite sweets/snacks. Go crazy in a gourmet shop and fill a basket with the spoils of your effort.
  • A new blender, mixer, or other kitchen gadgets. You can never have too many of these!
  • Cook their favorite meal. Call their parent, sibling, best friend – find out what they love then use a site like foodnetwork.com to learn how to make it. Bonus points for candles, flowers, and pulling their chair out.

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