10 Fresh & Affordable Spring Decorating Ideas

10 Quick & Cheap Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is all about renewal – trees and flowers start to bloom, the grass begins to brighten, and animals emerge from deep slumbers energized and ready for the day. Why not embrace that same sense of renewal by adding energizing and refreshing brightness to your home.

Here are 10 affordable spring decorating ideas to get you started.

Hang a Wreath or Basket on the Door


Spring is full of fresh blooms that would be perfect additions for wreaths or hanging baskets. Hanging one of these on your front door is a simple way to add some spring decor to your home. You can buy a ready-made wreath or, even better, make your own! You can also buy cheap door baskets and fill them with your favorite flowers to hang on the door. Alternately, you may choose to simply add a pot of daffodils to your front porch.

Draw on the Walls

Find stencils or stamps with attractive floral and nature themes to add some flair without spending a ton of money. Use stencils to outline your doors and windows with vines. Use letter cutouts and stamps to paint season-appropriate quotes over doorways. Use floral stamps to embellish your cabinet doors. These are just a few examples, let your imagination be your guide! You can always paint over and start again if you don’t like it, or when the seasons change.

Add Hints of White

White pairs with everything so adding hints to your primary colors will brighten and cool any room. White adds a depth of freshness like no other hue can. Choose a shade of white that plays best with your primary colors; warm color schemes (yellows, browns, reds…) should be paired with creamy white shades like ecru and ivory. Cooler color schemes (greens, blues, pastels…) should be paired with bright whites like Wimborne White and Cotton.

Declutter – to the Extreme

Start by clearing everything under 2 pounds out of the room. Remove any non-essential furnishings. Add back a minimal number of decorations and are pieces. By removing the majority of a room’s contents you place focus on the freshness of the room. Make that focus even clearer by adding a potted plant or framed garden prints.

Just Add Flowers


Fresh cut flowers in a vase are not only pretty but great focal pieces too. They brighten up a room with their lively and vibrant nature. Pansies are easy to grow and can be kept indoors as houseplants. By growing them yourself you cut back on weekly floral arrangements. Try to stay away from colors you already use and instead find colors that compliment your primary color scheme.

Paint a Wall

Decide which of a room’s wall is the most visible and paint it using a sunny and/or lighter shade of the current color. This lets you add brightness to a room without changing everything. It also lets you easily revert back once the season has passed.

Clean Your Windows

It’s not fun, but it sure makes a difference. When your windows aren’t as clean as they could be you lose light. Make it a habit to clean your windows at least once a week; more if you smoke inside. As a bonus, natural/DIY window cleaner will also remove a lot of indoor odors.

Ditch the Drapes


If you have heavy, thick curtains or drapes hanging from your windows it’s time to take them down. Trust your mini blinds to add the sense of privacy you desire while allowing natural light to brighten up the room.Use thin scarves or floral garland to adorn the top of windows. Use silky/gauzy fabrics or muslin to wrap a curtain rod for a simple, no-sew valance.

Practice the Art of Refraction

Stop by the Dollar Store on your way home from work, the gym, or wherever, and pick up some pretty glassware. Choose colors and styles that are light and fresh. Alternately, you can get clear glassware and fill them with colored water. Set them in areas where sunlight will hit them and create prismatic rainbows around the room.

Add Floral Fabrics


When most people think of spring they think of flowers. Set a spring vibe by adding floral prints and fabrics into your home decorating. Find a fabric with colors that blend with your primary color schemes. Keep it simple by using fabric as table runners and placemats or get crafty and make pillow and seat cushion covers. Coordinate the floral prints with solid prints in your primary color scheme.

What ways will you be adding spring home decor?

Get your home spring ready with these fresh and affordable decorating ideas

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